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Property for rent

Applications for new residents

Wooten Park Townhomes for rent

307 E Bryce in Killeen TX


Property for sale

7404 Arctic for sale

7910 Rosenberry for sale

6812 Breezy Hill --sold-- 

919 Walter for sale

7512 Compass --sold--  

9903 Hansford --sold--

219 Appaloosa Ct --sold--

10502 cherry hollow xing --sold--

1404 em franklin --sold--

6713 Point North --sold--

4807 Benson Way --sold--

5661 Pinon Vista --sold--

We can sell these as a portfolio deal.   If you are interested in doing a portfolio deal at a discount please check out the link to our spreadsheet with the information for the  portfolio discount.

Case Studies

for your education & entertainment

Several case studies have been posted for your reading entertainment and inspiration.    Please note that these are strictly posted for your reading entertainment and in no way are they meant to provide legal, financial or other advice.    Please click the link to read the case studies.     

For advice please consult your appropriate professional.    Please note that investing is a contact sport and it should only be undertaken after consultation with your physician, attorney, Pastor, Priest, Rabbi, Spouse, Friends, Enemies, and other concerned parties.